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To give the visibility your eco-home deserves on a worldwide level, we've developed 4 categories of eco-criteria. Thanks to them, our eco-travelers will be able to find accommodations meeting their ecological expectations which could surely lead to yours.

Our different eco-criteria categories



To enhance your efforts in reducing your waste, in recycling and in using eco-friendly products for your home and yourself.



To spotlight what you're doing to reduce your energy consumption.



To describe what material has been used for the construction or decoration of your place in order to make it eco-friendly.



To highilght your efforts in prioritizing organic and locally produced products as well as any specific diet such as vegan and/or vegetarian options.

What more do you need to know?

When creating your listing, you will be asked to select the relevant eco-criteria and we truly recommend to have a minimum of 2 as it's essential to build a honest BecoStay community.

To this purpose, we're continuously checking the new listings and making sure this requirement is met otherwise BecoStay will take the right to delete your listing.

Here are some tips to stand out from the crowd when you will do your listing:

  • If you think you have a specific eco-criteria which is not available in the selection made available for you, please make sure you describe it within the description of your listing.
  • Make sure you've done all the verification as host to make your guest comfortable to book with you. Trust and transparency are key.
  • Make a nice description of your profile. Guest loves to know who are their host.
  • Start with low prices if you don't have any reviews yet. Once you get some, it will be easier for you to increase the price of your accommodation.
  • You can use the weekly and monthly discounts, it will definitely boost your bookings.
  • Finally make sure to upload nice pictures, write a detailed description of your accommodation & tick all the suitable criteria and eco-criteria.