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On May 2, 1964, an escalator in a stadium induced a wierd accident that killed a teenage lady named Annette Costantini and hurt 46 completely different kids.

On that day, the Orioles held “Safety Patrol Day” to honor the kids who helped protect their fellow faculty college students protected on their answer to and from school by being part of safety patrols for his or her schools.

As part of the event, 20,000 school kids from all through Maryland purchased free tickets to see the Orioles play the Cleveland Indians.

Memorial Stadium

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As the nationwide anthem carried out sooner than the game started, a complete lot of kids started to go up an escalator on the third-base aspect of the stadium.

From the lower deck to the upper deck, the escalator went. Unfortunately, there was a thin metal gate on the excessive of the escalator that solely let one explicit particular person by way of. At the an identical time, three or 4 kids had been getting on it on the bottom.

Children started falling once more on excessive of each other because of the mass of kids on the excessive was blocking their methodology.

Melville Gibson, a 65-year-old usher on the stadium, lastly purchased to the emergency shut-off valve on the escalator and turned it off after the transferring steps had decrease and broken up the children.

The change to indicate it off had been moved to a wall all through from the escalator so that pranksters couldn’t flip it off whereas people had been on it.

Annette Costantini Was Killed In Cleveland Baseball Game?

Annette Costantini, an eighth-grader at St. Dominic’s School in Northeast Baltimore, was found huddled near the very best of the escalator after the physique was taken away.

Several additional Catholic school faculty college students inside the Hamilton house had been hurt inside the incident. The escalator made by Otis Elevator Co. that killed Annette Costantini was found to be in good working order and nearly mannequin new.

But the emergency shut-off change for the escalator was positioned on a wall reverse the transferring stairway. This was achieved to stop people from turning it off whereas people had been on it.

To get to the problem and stop the escalator when it started, a stadium usher wanted to walk by way of kids who had been falling and twisting.

It wasn’t the kids or the escalator’s fault; it was the adults’ errors.

After the left-field bleachers had been already stuffed with Safety Patrol faculty college students, the Orioles’ administration decided to let the kids who had been nonetheless arriving sooner than the game sit inside the greater deck.

It was the worst accident that ever occurred on the stadium. Before the May 2 sport, a channeler, who had possibly been left there from an earlier event, stood on the excessive of the escalator on the third-base aspect and let kids enter three or 4 at a time nonetheless solely go away one after the other.

Children started tripping over each other, people saved getting on on the bottom, and the escalator saved going.

Annette Costantini Parents: Who Are They?

No one inside the info has talked about Annette Costantini’s dad and mother. After their daughter was hurt, no person at St. Dominic’s remembers chatting with or listening to from the family.

Even though they haven’t been inside the info, they could nonetheless be severe about their daughter.

We don’t know rather a lot about her family, so we don’t know if she has siblings or not.

Still, Annette’s family could also be very nice and helpful. They set an occasion for every the people residing now and individuals who will come after them. Most of the time, a person’s success is pushed by a loving family that helps them attain their targets.

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