Who Is Theonecornelia TikTok? Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki


Theonecornelia is a TikTok shopper who has posted a video of house violence on her TikTok account. Her newest video about her ex-abuse husband’s at home has gotten a great deal of consideration.

On her Tiktok account, she moreover has totally different motion pictures.

TikTok is a social media web site the place people might make and share motion pictures about one thing.

TikTokers under no circumstances fail to amaze us with their fantastic motion pictures that people can’t get enough of. People have used Tiktok to tell others about their points and get by the use of enormous crowds.

Theonecornelia, a Tiktok shopper who talked about her disadvantage in motion pictures, undoubtedly acquired people’s consideration, and now everybody appears to be taken along with her disadvantage.


Who Is Theonecornelia On TikTok?

A TikTok shopper named Theonecornelia simply currently acquired a great deal of consideration after she and her buddy shared a video about his ex-husband hitting his current partner.

They merely posted a video about house abuse, which has gotten a great deal of consideration from the media. People are watching the video and want to know further about what’s taking place.

As of this writing, 7.5 million people had watched the video they shared, and 380.2 thousand people had appreciated it.

She moreover put totally different motion pictures on her Tiktok, and other people motion pictures acquired a great deal of views and likes. She has shared better than solely a lip-sync video; she has moreover shared her private motion pictures.

@theonecornelia is her shopper establish on Tiktok. She has 95,900 followers and 652,600 likes.

Theonecornelia TikTok: Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki

Theone Cornelia, a tiktok shopper, has shared particulars about how his ex-husband hurt his family.

They put the video on social media with the caption “This is why I wear a bandana.”

The girl put out a video the place she talked about what had occurred. She’s already talked about that “When we were both 27, I was lying down with my 3-month-old child and feeding her. My ex-husband was standing in the doorway when he shot me in the face with his shotgun.”

Since they posted a video of the violence, numerous folks have requested them why his husband did what he did. In the Tiktok motion pictures, they reply the question by saying that they don’t know why her husband did what he did.

She has moreover talked about, “Forgiving yourself is the key to getting better.”

Theonecornelia Tiktok Face Story

Domestic abuse has gotten a great deal of consideration on account of @theonecornelia’s Tiktok video talks about it. The girl has been seen with a prosthetic on her face.

She has talked about that after the event, the whole thing went black and she or he was aware that she felt misplaced.

When the buddy of the sufferer went to call 911, she seen their daughter standing inside the doorway. She went to get the two of them and take them to the bathroom.

She instructed their daughter to lock the door and by no means open it until she often called. Just then, her ex-husband received right here out of the mattress room crying and talked about his life was over.

He took the gun and threw it down the hallway, and she or he ran to the mattress room to take care of the child.

They every went by the use of one factor horrible, and the lady now has prosthetics all through her face. From what the video reveals, it seems like she is having problem speaking.

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