Who Is Kimora Hodges? Michigan Babysitter Charged With Murder In Death Of Toddler


Kimora Hodges, currently this identify has been creating huge buzzes on social media and making loads of headlines in information. So you all have to be questioning who’s she and why is she buzzing throughout, so in right now’s article we’ll inform you all about Kimora Hodges. Stay tuned till the top of this text to know all about her. Kimora Hodges is a babysitter from Michigan and just lately she has been charged with killing a 23-month-old child. Kimora Hodges is 21 years previous at present.

Who Is Kimora Hodges Michigan Babysitter Charged With Murder In Death Of Toddler

According to the native media experiences, Kimora was babysitting the toddler on 13 June and she or he abused the toddler in infants house positioned in Roseville Michigan. The toddler was harm and Kimora spoke to the mom of the toddler and stated that the newborn has developed an allergy. Kimora additional defined to the mom of the toddler that the newborn has developed an allergy after he consumed the cleaning soap most likely. The mom of the newborn has been recognized as Tanya Starks. Tanya acknowledged that she ran to Kimora’s residence after her child was getting seizure assaults.

Who Is Kimora Hodges?

Tanya Later rushed her child to the hospital. In the hospital, it was confirmed by the medical workers after the exams that the newborn hasn’t developed any allergy symptoms. Later the post-mortem experiences have acknowledged an reverse report, from the claims of the babysitter Kimora Hodges. The post-mortem experiences of the toddler have claimed that the newborn was being hit badly and thus the newborn couldn’t survive.

The child breathed his final on Wednesday. The toddler was hit laborious and thus these accidents are the reason for his unlucky demise, in response to the experiences from the native media retailers. The 21 years previous babysitter Kimora Hodges has been charged with killing the toddler child of simply 23 months previous. According to additional experiences, Kimora has been despatched to Macomb County Jail and not using a bond quantity at present.

Police experiences have claimed that, when the police officers arrived to query the babysitter Kimora, she was terrified, though she claimed that the newborn has suffered from allergy symptoms, when the post-mortem experiences got here, the case took a special flip. Although, in response to the most recent experiences, Kimora has accepted a few of the allegations on this case. Kimora could also be served with life imprisonment if she is discovered responsible of the newborn’s brutal killing. For all the most recent nationwide and worldwide updates, information and knowledge keep tuned with us.

Who Is Kimora Hodges? Michigan Babysitter Charged With Murder In Death Of Toddler.For More Article Visit Becostay