Where Is Thomas Clayton Now? Dateline Explains The Killer Husband’s Murder Plans


Thomas Clayton is being held on the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York. He is there because of he killed his private partner.

Most of the time, the New York metropolis of Elmira lives as a lot as its fame as a “wonderful place to live.” On the night time of September 29, 2015, which will change for one family, which was not ideally suited.

Kelley Clayton’s husband, Thomas Clayton, went out to play poker whereas Kelley and their two kids stayed at home. At about 2:30 throughout the morning, he would get home to a horrifying scene.

When Thomas Clayton often called 911 to say he had found his partner Kelley Clayton lifeless, no one knew he was involved. As the investigators dug deeper, though, each little factor pointed to a cold-blooded murder-for-hire plot.

“Dateline: The House in the Woods” on NBC News tells regarding the investigation into whether or not or not or not Thomas killed his partner.

Here’s what we discover out about what occurred to Thomas after the event, in case you’re .

Thomas Clayton

Where Is Thomas Clayton Now?

Thomas Clayton, 44, is in Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. He was found accountable of first-degree murder and given a life sentence. He simply isn’t ready for launch.

The Star-Gazette says that the jury made their alternative after six hours of talking about it. On the night Kelley was killed, it didn’t take prolonged for the police to find out that Clayton was a suspect.

When they appeared into his alibi, they found additional harmful proof. ABC News says that Clayton requested a girl on the poker recreation that night if he could use her cell phone.

He made the choice about 90 minutes sooner than he purchased home, the place he found Kelley lifeless.

The police moreover stumbled on that Clayton had “doubled the amount of his wife’s life insurance” earlier that yr. They would moreover uncover out that Clayton had been seeing totally different women, which was solely pure.

Golfer Sentenced With Murder Of Wife: Is Thomas Still In Jail?

Thomas was found accountable of first-degree murder in February 2017. The trial took about six weeks. CCTV footage and cell phone knowledge confirmed that he paid Michael Beard to kill Kelley. This made the jury think about that he did it.

In April 2017, Thomas was given a life sentence with out the prospect of getting out. After he filed an attraction, his conviction was nonetheless upheld in 2019.

When the police caught Beard, he knowledgeable them right away that Clayton had paid him $10,000 to kill Kelley.

Beard was moreover found to be accountable, and he was given a life sentence.

Thomas And Kelley Clayton’s Children Today?

After the investigation, every Thomas and Michael obtained life sentences in jail. Thomas and Kelley’s kids have been now with out every of their mom and father.

After the murder, Kelley’s older sister Kim Bourgeois and her husband took throughout the kids. Kim talked about she was joyful to have the children, and it seems like they keep in New York.

Thomas and the youthful kids don’t talk about to at least one one other.

In March 2017, Thomas’s earlier hockey membership held a night to spice up consciousness about residence violence. All of the money made went to help the children. Kelley’s son might be about 9 years earlier at current, and her daughter might be in the midst of her youngsters.

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