What Does White Line Disease Look Like?


An invasion of micro organism and fungus that obliterate hoof-wall tissue is what defines white line sickness. Dr. Stephen E. O’Grady, a veterinarian and farrier, explains that for these germs to enter, there ought to first be a spot. An opportunistic an an infection ought to create a crack or separation inside the hoof wall, which could possibly be launched on by mechanical factors like prolonged toes or a membership foot.

Sadly, the origin of white line sickness shouldn’t be typically clear-cut. In spite of getting a separation of their hoof wall, many horses don’t buy WLD. It is subsequently powerful to pinpoint the origin of the sickness. Despite the reality that WLD could happen in horses residing in arid environments, moist residing circumstances would possibly play a part.

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WLD can affect one or all 4 of a horse’s toes.

A powdery hoof wall the place there must be a steady connection is commonly seen to your farrier.

When tapping the surface of the hoof wall with a hammer, the farrier may also hear a gap sound.

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