Shoe Lover 99 Son Murdered: Randon Nichols Mobile Alabama Case Update And Facts


Ophelia Nichols, who was greater acknowledged on Tiktok as “Shoe Lover 99,” said her son Randon Nichols had been killed the day sooner than he turned 19. Nichols says that her son was killed throughout the metropolis of Prichard, which is near Mobile.

Ophelia Nichol is favored on the current because of she has a constructive angle and an entire lot of energy. The TikTok neighborhood loves and respects her for her genuine motion pictures, her potential at lip-syncing, and her body-positive angle.

She can be known as Mama Tot. Many youthful ladies who’ve been bullied or shamed about their our our bodies by family members or associates have seen her as their guardian angel.

She moreover wrote an essay to encourage and encourage a youthful girl who has been bullied and shamed for her physique many situations.

Ophelia and her son Randon


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Shoe Lover 99 Son Randon Nichols Murdered Case?

Shoe Lover 99 said that her 19-year-old son, Randon Nichlos, was shot and killed in Mobile, Alabama.

Nichols wrote in a Facebook publish, “My 18-year-old son was taken from us by another person final night time. He would have been 19 immediately, however another person selected to take his life.

They are strolling round my city, dwelling and respiratory, whereas my son is useless. While my household and I are unhappy a few loss that no mom ought to should undergo, they’re free.”

Brandon, a 21-year-old man from Mobile, was taken into custody after anyone fired a gun at an home superior shut by. Brandon Lee Gibbons is being charged with second-degree assault.

The Mobile Police Department says that at 4 a.m. on Friday, June 24, officers went to Ascension Provident Hospital after listening to a single gunshot.

Investigators say that Gibbons is the actual individual they suppose shot the individual on the Greentree Apartments, which might be at 6200 Airport Blvd.

Authorities say that the sufferer purchased medical care that wasn’t life-threatening.

Gibbons was saved in jail for a while, nevertheless he was in the end set freed from the Mobile County Metro Jail. According to jail knowledge, the actual individual has a courtroom date on July 5 and a bond listening to on Monday.

Who Is Ophelia Nichols?

Ophelia Nichols is a well-known Tiktokstar. On Tiktok, she is named @Shoelover99. She started using TikTok all through the pandemic, and she or he was shocked by how quite a bit hostility, argument, and emotional bullying she seen on the app.

She moreover wrote a constructive and frightening essay for a youthful girl who had been bullied and shamed for her physique many situations.

Because of how honest and caring she is, tons of of youthful ladies on-line title her “Tiktok mom.”

She is named “Mom Tot” and, in the identical method, as “the Mobile Mom.”

Ophelia has an entire lot of followers on Instagram, the place she is named @ophelianichols. She has 173k followers and 456 posts on Instagram.

She has 6.8 million followers on her Tiktok account, and her motion pictures have been favored 179.8 million situations.

Ophelia Nichols Net Worth?

Ophelia Nichols hasn’t said how quite a bit she makes, nevertheless as a well-known social media persona, her estimated net worth is likely to be between $80,000 and $85,000.

This is just an estimate of how quite a bit money she has; the exact amount of her earnings and wealth has not been made public however.

In 2014, Nichols positioned on her LinkedIn net web page that she was a “social media ambassador.”

From her social media account, it seems to be like like she lives a extremely good life. As her son was being killed, she posted a plea for help on TikTok: “Someone’s got to know something.”

She posted a video of herself crying with the message, “I truly don’t have quite a bit choice nevertheless to do this. I contemplate myself as a conventional one who merely likes people, nevertheless social media makes me neglect that.

Know About Ophelia Nichlos (*99*)?

Ophelia has 4 youngsters, nevertheless Randon, one in every of them, is lifeless because of he was killed on Saint Stephens Road.

Since she misplaced her son, Ophelia’s life has modified, and her family is now grieving alongside together with her. Randon, her son, did very successfully in school and was superb.

The demise of her son is what has made her frequent on the internet correct now. Lots of persons are moreover using Twitter to unfold the data and her plea to hunt out the one who did it.

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