Man With 15 Wives And 107 Children Reveals Why He Wants To Marry More Wives


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A 61-year-old Kenyan historian, David Sakayo Kalahana is for the time being fundamental a giant family of 15 wives and 107 children. Amazingly, David isn’t completely satisfied, he said in an interview that he wishes to get further wives.

David lives in a village located in western Kenya alongside along with his 15 wives who take care of him as a king. His wives respect him, as well as they respect one another, share points, and coexist peacefully inside themselves.

(David and his wives)

With 107 children, David’s big family is ample to make up a small neighborhood, they devour in big parts when feeding and the combined efforts of the housewives made dwelling chores easier and faster.

The 61-year-old revealed in an interview with Afrimax that he believes a wise man is simply not alleged to have one partner. He said that the wiser an individual will get, the additional wives he should have spherical him. David is a well-known historian and he’s moreover believed to be a genius.

He said that of their tribe, a genius is believed to be born as quickly as in every 300 years and he’s believed to be a genius from begin, due to his wonderful memory and information. He said that someone as smart as him deserves a number of woman.

“A head like this of mine can not be managed by one woman because it possesses a bigger load she cannot carry that’s why I married many wives because I’m too smart for one woman.”


He likened himself to Solomon throughout the Bible who has many wives and concubines, he said that he wishes to be like Solomon that’s why he desires further wives.

“I should have become like Solomon, I mean like when the queen of Ethiopia heard about Solomon and came to him. Women should be coming to me in such a way because I’m like Solomon, I would be marrying more women daily.”

However, he said that he’s solely having a problem with searching for land ensuing from their pricey price as he believes each of his wives is supposed to have a little bit of land.

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