Laporta: I need to prevail once more and win one other six crew title


The Barca president spoke at a group of talks organised by The New Barcelona Post on the Casa SEAT


On Monday, FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta was the customer of the third model of ‘Barcelona Highlights’, a group of month-to-month interviews carried out by journalist Toni Aira with protagonists and testimonies of some of the newest episodes which have made Barcelona a world benchmark in areas paying homage to design, custom and sport. Organised by The New Barcelona Post at Casa SEAT, the first two protagonists had been Juan Antonio Samaranch, Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee, and the publicist Lluís Bassat.

With the title, ‘Barca: ambassadors of Barcelona to the world’, Laporta spoke of his passion for Barca, for Johan Cruyff and made clear his enthusiasm for righting the course at a sophisticated time like the present. In a speech crammed with anecdotes, starting alongside together with his presence throughout the stands at Wembley in 1992 for the first European Cup, and along with “the joy that Ronaldinho brought back to the club” all through his first time interval of office, he defended that “the Barca model is to bring people from home and bring in people from outside who can reinforce the model”.

In this sense, he proclaimed that “if we do things right, we will continue to win. I want to go back to being triumphant, win a six-team title and work to make the club a world reference again”. He thus referred to his well-known “I’m calm” after the treble of the 2008-09 advertising and marketing marketing campaign, which ended up being an unforgettable six-team title triumph with Pep Guardiola on the bench.

Regarding the players, in contrast with the earlier, he recognized that “we shouldn’t protect them so much that they are the masters of the club, nor should we unprotect them so that everything is a joke. You have to have a clear line of command and show them affection because if they feel loved they get more involved”.


He superior that “the new stadium will be a world reference that the whole city will enjoy because of the entertainment that will surround it, it will be a transformation, a project of great magnitude”.

After the event, he briefly analysed the current situation. With regard to the departure of players, he recognized that “the sporting management is working to resolve these issues. There are players that we know have to leave because the coach doesn’t count on them and this is all conditioned by the so-called levers. It won’t be easy, it’s complicated, but if we do things the way we want to, this second lever can be made and then we can enter into the dynamic of signing players so that they can be registered and also be able to give a way out to players that the coach doesn’t count on, respecting their status as Barca players”.

On Lewandowski, Koundé and Bernardo Silva, he recognized that “I’m not going to talk about players, the market has started and we’re working to have a additional aggressive crew in males’s and women’s soccer and in all sections. We are working to win titles and convey pleasure once more to Barcelona followers.

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Laporta: I need to prevail once more and win one other six crew title.For More Article Visit Becostay