Elizabeth Stage: Who Is She? Dateline: Kelley Clayton, Mother Now


Elizabeth Stage: Who Is She? Dateline: Kelley Clayton, Mother Now

The 35-year-old sufferer of a horrible killing in 2015 is Kelley Clayton’s mother, Elizabeth Stage. What occurred to her family? Let’s study this in further ingredient.

While her two youngsters had been there, the 35-year-old Clayton was brutally murdered at her Caton Town, New York, residence on September 29. The incident shocked your complete nation.

Kelley Clayton Mother

It was initially robust for the cops to seek out out the murder’s motive because of all of it appeared pointless to them. Why would any individual commit such a heinous murder on a mother of two?

After authorities discovered that Clayton’s husband had employed an individual to kill her partner, the murder investigation took an astounding flip. Since then, many points have remained regarding the New York murder.

Elizabeth Stage: Who Is She? Mother of Kelley Clayton

Kelly Clayton, a murder sufferer from Elmira, New York, is the daughter of Elizabeth Stage.

Just over an hour after the cops arrived, Stage arrived on the crime scene. She grew to change into devastated upon seeing her daughter’s lifeless physique and was unable to talk.

After Thomas Clayton, the killer of Kelley, was jailed, the sufferer’s mother lastly acquired justice. She talked about getting a tattoo in honor of her little one when speaking for NBC’s Dateline.

Elizabeth is at current caring for her grandchildren as successfully.

How Old Is Elizabeth on Stage?
The exact age of Elizabeth Stage stays to be being determined. Stage is predicted to be in her 70s because of her older daughter is at current 42 years outdated.

The sufferer, Kelley, was Elizabeth’s youngest child. Being the youngest, Kelly was on a regular basis shielded by her sister, Kim, nonetheless sadly, Kim was unable to protect Kelly from the murderer.

The 35-year-old Clayton cherished her life in Las Vegas sooner than relocating to New York. Following her marriage to Thomas, Kelley made her residence in Elmira, New York, the place she perished horribly.

Elizabeth Stage Details On Her Husband
Howard Stage, a former fireside chief with the West Elmira Volunteer Fire Department in New York, was Elizabeth Stage’s late husband.

The most modern episode of Dateline uncovered some untold family secrets and techniques and methods. Thomas Clayton wished to accumulate all the insurance coverage protection money, so he employed Michael Beard to kill Clayton.

Thomas devoted the murder when he and his buddies had been having fun with golf, and he did it using a cellphone, which the police finally used as conclusive proof.

While Stage is seeing her grandchildren, Clayton and Michael are at current serving their life sentences. May the deceased’s soul leisure in peace.

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