Barbra Streisand and Mark Ruffalo accused of Islamophobia after calling SCOTUS ‘American Taliban’


After the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, Hollywood stars Barbra Streisand and Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter to call the Supreme Court the “American Taliban.”

Roe v. Wade, which made abortion a constitutional correct in 1973, was overturned by the Supreme Court on Friday, June 24. Liberal Hollywood was furious in regards to the decision, and a quantity of well-known people criticized the Supreme Court. Streisand, a singer and actress who gained an Oscar, let unfastened her anger by calling the Supreme Court “the American Taliban.” “The Court throws out the right to an abortion in the Constitution by using religious dogma,” the star of “Yenta” talked about. “The American Taliban are represented by this Court.” The “American Taliban” price was moreover made by the Marvel character Hulk, carried out by Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo instructed followers to “fight like hell” after that.

Barbra Streisand and Mark Ruffalo

After Roe v. Wade was thrown out, Lizzo and Live Nation promised a HUGE $1 million to Planned Parenthood.

Some people instructed Ruffalo and Streisand they didn’t like how they talked about the Islamic Taliban had been the an identical as Christians, whereas others stood as a lot as assist them.

Someone replied to Ruffalo by writing, “Islam doesn’t say that abortion is wrong. Just tell it like it is. They have a strong Christian faith.” While one other particular person outlined, “Don’t say it’s like Taliban. They are saying that this is what Christians do. This is the extreme side of Christianity. Not everything bad in America is caused by Muslims. This choice is all about being American and, more importantly, being Christian.”

“It’s not a good comparison because even the Taliban will let a woman have an abortion if her life is in danger. This is how Christians live, “Someone brought up Streisand’s comparison. Another user said, “It’s a Christofascist court.” Someone appreciated Streisand’s tweet and talked about, “Barbra You just nailed it!!” In response to Ruffalo, a client wrote, “The US has sunk so far into a nightmare.”

The landmark Roe v. Wade decision from 1973, which made abortion a constitutional correct, was overturned on Friday, June 24 by a vote of 6-3 by the US Supreme Court. Politico acquired a draft of the ruling on May 3, and it should have a huge impact on the lives of American women. About half of the states throughout the US will make abortion nearly not doable. Many critics have talked about that if the selection is overturned, it will set off “seismic” changes in American society. As a win for conservative right-wing ideas, it will be a historic decision that may have outcomes all around the globe.

Barbra Streisand and Mark Ruffalo accused of Islamophobia after calling SCOTUS ‘American Taliban’.For More Article Visit Becostay